About me

2008-2020     Artistic education by the painter Cori Vernís
2016-2018     Artistic baccalaureate INS Gabriel Ferrater i Soler
2018-2022      University Degree in Design


2014     Individual exhibition at the Cal Barantxó center

2017     Participation in the Montbriart fair

2018     Collective exhibition at the Pere Anguera Library

2019     Participation in the Montbriart fair

2020     Individual exhibition at Paborde Castle

2021     Individual exhibition at the Amill Gallery

2021     Collective exhibition at the C(A)OS FESTIVAL

2021     Participation in the International Art Fair of Barcelona

2022     Collective exhibition at the Constantí Art Gallery

2022     Individual exhibition at the Sala Quatre


2014     Kia competition finalist


2018     Catalogue of artists participating in Montbriart

2019     Publication in the Diari de Tarragona newspaper

2019     Catalogue of artists participating in Montbriart

2020     Publication in la Selva del Camp newspaper

2020     Publication in the Reusdigital.cat newspaper

2020     Publication in the infoCamp newspaper

2020     Publication in the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

2020     Interview in the VA COM VA program of Canal Reus TV

2020     Short documentary on the work of Xavi Piñol Caballe by Canal Camp

2021     Interview with journalist Isabel Limón

2021     Publication in ARTNOBEL magazine in the emerging talent section

2021     Artistic presentation on the official website of the Barcelona International Art Fair


2022    Collaboration with the gallery Constantí Art

2022    Collaboration with the restaurant Sanromà

2022     Collaboration with the restaurant Les Moles